Why Support MedStar Franklin Square?

Why does MedStar Franklin Square need my support?

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center needs your support to create new initiatives. Philanthropy meets needs that are not provided for through traditional medical financing, such as uninsured care. Philanthropy can make the difference between adequate care and world-class care, technological advances, recruitment and retainment of excellent care providers.

Why are annual gifts important?

Annual gifts help MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center meet its current needs. Some of these are needs for which the hospital was not prepared, but which are necessary to ensure our ability to continue to provide high-quality care for our patients.

How are my gifts used by the hospital?

Annual gifts help to meet the current needs of the hospital. Designated or capital gifts are used as directed by a donor to support patient care, teaching, research, or a specific initiative or area of interest. .

How does investing in MedStar Franklin Square benefit me?

The community surrounding MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center deserves a world-class hospital, conveniently located. Investing with MedStar Franklin Square ensures that you have access to the best care for emergencies, acute care and general practice. An excellent hospital is essential for the strength and growth of the eastern Baltimore County area.

Can I specify how my gift will be used?

Yes. You may have an interest in supporting a particular hospital program. Perhaps you or a loved one has been a recent patient and you would like to express your appreciation to a special department, or recognize the work of a physician. For more information, please contact the Foundation Office at 443-777-7980.

How does my deferred gift help the hospital today?

Deferred giving enables a donor to maximize the beneficial impact to MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center and minimize or eliminate the capital gains and/or federal estate taxes on assets. Although MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center does not receive the gift today, anticipation of a future investment can impact decisions to invest in programs today or on budgetary considerations. Examples of planned gifts include gifts of stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, retirement plans (IRAs), charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds, gift annuities, endowments and bequests. Donations can take many forms - you may wish to consult with your accountant or tax attorney as you explore these opportunities.

How do I make a gift of stock?

Gifts of stocks and bonds can offer you special charitable opportunities. However, prospective donors should consult with professional advisors and MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Foundation staff before making such gifts. For more information regarding making a gift of securities, please contact the Philanthropy Team at 443-777-7980.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is a not-for-profit organization, and contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law if no goods or services are exchanged. The MedStar Franklin Square EIN is 52 - 0608007.

Where should I send my gift?

You can mail your gift to the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Foundation office using the address below or make your gift online.

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Foundation
9000 Franklin Square Drive, Baltimore, MD 21237, 443-777-7980
[email protected]