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Circle of Light, Circle of Love: In Honor of Lois and Loren Baker

While we are celebrating from a distance this year, it is important now, more than ever, to remember those most special to us. To honor them in a memorable way this year, consider a philanthropic investment to gift a twinkling light, displayed on the trees at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center’s main hospital entrance.

This special tribute of your loved one will bring the joy of this Holiday season to our patients, our associates and all who see the beautiful display.

All proceeds will benefit the Auxiliary’s commitment to the new Surgical Pavilion at MedStar Franklin Medical Center.

Can being part of a team help patients in a significant way?

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Yes, the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Auxiliary has contributed millions of dollars to benefit the advancement, progression, and essential needs to the hospital. The Auxiliary continues to grow, providing many supplementary services and funds to assist the efforts of MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center in maintaining its high standard of quality care, treatment and education to its patients.

What has the Auxiliary accomplished?

The Auxiliary is an invaluable and much-appreciated resource at MedStar Franklin Square. The Auxiliary completed their $1 MILLION pledge for the Patient Care Tower in five years, one year earlier than planned!  They also presented their last installment to complete their $1 MILLION for the newly built Neonatal Intensive Care Unit a full two years earlier than promised.   Presently, they are focusing their efforts to complete another $1 MILLION pledge to benefit the new Surgical Pavilion (to be completed in 2020).  They graciously presented their first installment in April 2019.  Associates and physicians are very proud and honored to have such a dedicated group at MedStar Franklin Square.

Who are we?

The Auxiliary is a wonderful team of about 130 members who strive to meet their mission.

The Auxiliary's Mission:

  • To render service to the hospital
  • To interpret the hospital to Auxiliary members and the community
  • To provide volunteer and other supplementary services to further the progress of the hospital
  • To donate Auxiliary funds to the use and advancement of the hospital
  • Membership shall be open to all persons interested in serving to fulfill these goals

The Auxiliary Executive Board officers, pictured above, were newly inducted into office in April, 2016. 

The board members are as follows:

  • President: Linda Hankins
  • Vice President: Joan Pacifici
  • Recording Secretary: Anna Wenczkowski
  • Treasurer: Michele Kesler
  • Gift Shop Treasurer: Joanne Grice
  • Corresponding Secretary: Vicki Saxon

How does the Auxiliary help?

The Auxiliary holds many vendor and bake sales and social events and runs the Auxiliary Gift Shop and the Thrift Boutique. The Auxiliary Board and fundraising committees meet frequently to coordinate and plan many new ways to meet this goal. Please view this calendar to see our upcoming events

The Auxiliary Gift Shop in the Patient Care Tower is dedicated to the MedStar Franklin Square Auxiliary. The Gift Shop features a variety of merchandise and, of course, the Maryland Lottery. Learn more.

What are the benefits of being an Auxiliary member?

  • Your personal satisfaction of helping people
  • Being part of a warm, welcoming, friendly team
  • Participating in social events and hospital events

We are looking for new members to help with our mission. If you are interested in meeting new friends, helping others, and becoming part of the Auxiliary, we would like to talk with you. 

For more information about the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Auxiliary, please call 443-777-7052.