Surgical Pavilion

Transforming Surgical Care Surgical Pavilion Under Construction and Set to Open in Fall 2020

In 2020, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center will open a new two-story, 75,000 square foot surgical pavilion that will house 14 larger and more modern operating suites all with a focus on high quality clinical care, teaching and the patient experience. This uniquely designed structure will allow MedStar Franklin Square to move into the next generation of the campus evolution and will enable us to combine advanced technology with compassionate care to create a unique healing environment.

Watch our video below to learn more about our new surgical pavilion. 

Background and Overview

Some of the current operating suites at MedStar Franklin Square date back to when the hospital was originally constructed in 1969.  The average age of the existing operating suites is more than 35 years old and they have become functionally obsolete and inefficient.  Importantly, the current structure does not provide an environment of care for our patients and their loved ones that is best for their experience.

The new construction for the Surgical Services Pavilion will be approximately 75,000 square feet and will be implemented in one phase of construction. It will be located on the former site of the Baltimore County Eastern Family Resource Center which was demolished in 2017 and a brand new Eastern Family Resource Center opened less than ¼ mile away. 

Hord Coplan Macht has been selected to provide Architecture Services for the new surgical pavilion. The new surgical pavilion has been designed in a way that will be a good companion to existing buildings on campus in both form and material.  During construction of the new surgical pavilion, the existing Operating Room suites will remain fully functional and hospital operations will not be impacted.

Design Highlights

The new two-story surgical pavilion will include a total of 12 general operating rooms, one hybrid operating room and one bronchoscopy operating room that is uniquely designed for the surgical treatment of our lung patients,  along with the necessary and appropriate supporting areas, including:

  • Pre-Admission Testing
  • Perioperative Administration
  • Registration / Check-in
  • Prep/recovery rooms and service capabilities (14 prep and 18 phase II )
  • Post anesthesia care unit (PACU) rooms and
  • Support spaces (21 spaces)

A 600-foot concourse will connect the new surgical pavilion with the existing Inpatient Tower, thus allowing for greater efficiencies in caring for our patients.

To enhance the learning experiences of the next generation of surgeons, the surgical residents, the OR’s will be digitally equipped to allow the viewing and video recording of surgical procedures for our surgical residents to learn best practices.

Patient Experience Will Be Enhanced

The unique design of the surgical pavilion has been developed with the patient and their loved ones in mind!  The entire experience of arrival and navigating the facility will be like none other currently available on the MedStar Franklin Square campus!

Surgical patients will arrive on the campus and will enter the specially designed patient drop-off and entry point on the ground level.  Convenient parking is located adjacent to the building. No more dropping off your loved one, and driving across campus to look for a parking place!

Upon entry, the lobby space will serve as a wayfinding point for outpatients with views to exterior courtyards and the drop-off area and will connect patients and visitors via a public concourse back to the existing hospital.

Registration has been functionally located adjacent to the lobby space to assist with patient wayfinding and reduce patient travel distances. Separate flow patterns have been designed for public and patient/staff movement.

From registration, patients will move into the adjacent Prep areas. Patients will be moved via the elevator directly to the operating rooms from the Prep phase.  The PACU has been located immediately adjacent to the operating rooms on level 1.

Outpatients will return to Phase I and Phase II – Recovery via the elevator and then will be discharged. Inpatients will return to their Inpatient room located in the Tower after leaving the PACU via the new link directly to the surgical beds on level 1 of the existing hospital.

The new Surgical Pavilion shall improve operational efficiently and provide a functional surgical services facility by consolidating the inpatient and outpatient surgical services and will not require and short-term departmental relocations, as well as, integrate best practices in facility and operations for inpatient and outpatient surgical care, and safety for patients and staff.

Check out some of our favorite photos from our Surgical Pavilion groundbreaking event, which was held in December 2018.

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Robotic Surgery Restores Quality of Life for 28-Year-Old

 Margaret H storySM
At only 28 years old, Margaret H. knew she was too young to be experiencing fecal incontinence, the inability to control her bowel movements, and frequent urination.

“They were pretty inconvenient,” Margaret, a resident of Baltimore, said of her symptoms. “Pooping your pants is not a fun experience.” A consultant, Margaret remembers that it was difficult to be in professional settings and meetings.

Looking for an explanation, Margaret told her gynecologist about her symptoms. She was not expecting to hear that she may need surgery. After a meeting with a gastroenterologist, Margaret was referred to Lisa Savoie, MD, co-medical director of the Robotic Surgery Program in the division of colon and rectal surgery at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, for a second opinion.

In Sept. 2014, Dr. Savoie diagnosed Margaret with a prolapsed rectum, a rare condition for someone her age. The rectum can prolapse, slip or fall out of place, when the ligaments, and muscles attaching it to the pelvis weaken. In most cases, surgery is needed to treat a prolapsed rectum.

By the time of the diagnosis, Margaret was not hesitant about surgery. “I hadn’t heard of robotic surgery,” she remembers. “But I figured if Dr. Savoie was the director she knew what she was doing. She made me feel completely comfortable.”

For Margaret, robotic surgery would be more precise, significantly less painful, involve less scarring and have a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery. She was thoroughly educated about the da Vinci® Surgical System by her physician, educational papers, and diagrams. “She was very professional and very knowledgeable,” Margaret said of Dr. Savoie.

After the surgery, Margaret experienced no complications. “It was a really good experience from start to finish,” Margaret recalls of her procedure. “I felt really comfortable with all the staff and very well taken care off.  Dr. Savoie was incredible; I felt so comfortable and safe with her and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Margaret is now able to do all the activities she was missing out on. “I had stopped working out because it exacerbated the situation,” Margaret said.  “My whole quality of life has improved.”


Location Information

To schedule an appointment, please call 443-777-6225

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Center for Digestive Disease
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Baltimore, MD 21237

Child Protection Team


A MedStar Franklin Square nurse checks on a pediatric patient. 

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center confronts child abuse issues head on. Below is a list of some of our support services and initiatives. 

  • Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Evaluation Team
  • Trained staff to provide acute sexual abuse/assault examinations
  • Comprehensive child abuse and neglect services
  • Psychological support and case management to victims of acute sexual abuse
  • Liaison services to community resources and follow up
  • Establishment of a Child Abuse Assessment Clinic
  • Social work coverage for victims of both sexual and physical abuse, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Community outreach and training

Did you know children are 35 times more likely than adults to be the victim of identity theft? In the video below, Scott Krugman, MD, chair of Pediatrics at MedStar Franklin Square, explains how a new state campaign will help protect the identity of newborns: 

Contact Information

To learn more, please call 443-777-7127.