gynecology feature

A woman requires specialized care throughout her life. From adolescence through menopause, our doctors at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center are here to help you maintain your gynecologic health.

Care for Adolescents and Teenagers

This is the beginning of "womanhood." It is an exciting time with many changes, both physical and emotional. Young women may have many questions about their menstrual cycle and their changing bodies. At MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, you can schedule your first gynecological appointment.

Care During Pre-Conception or Pre-Pregnancy

Perhaps you are thinking about starting a family. Caring for your baby starts even before conception. If you are conceiving or trying to conceive, we can help. Talk to us about:

  • Fitness and nutrition counseling
  • Comprehensive exam
  • Laboratory tests
  • Screening for common health problems, such as thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders and preexisting health conditions

Care during Fertility and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you need to take the best possible care of your body. Make sure you visit your healthcare provider regularly for exams and ultrasounds. We offer counseling on pregnancy health and wellness, as well as how you can keep fit and active as your body grows to accommodate new life.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, rest assured that you are in the most capable and compassionate hands at MedStar Franklin Square. And, after childbirth, we offer lactation support and post-partum care.

Care during Post-Childbearing Years

During these years, regular health care, including pap smears, breast exams and mammograms, are necessary to maintain your gynecologic health. Don't put off making an appointment with one of our providers. Take care of yourself today to ensure a healthy future. We also offer counseling in:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Weight loss management
  • Breast health
  • Bone health
  • Birth control

Perimenopausal Years

During this stage, which may last up to 10 years, you experience symptoms of menopause but you do not have true menopause. We offer:

  • Suggestions to help with symptoms related to menopause
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Important screenings for this time of your life


True menopause is defined as not menstruating for a full 12 months. In addition to regular gynecologic care, we offer counseling in:

  • Bone health
  • Nutrition and fitness