Birth and Family Education


From on-site classes and tours to classes that can be taken at home, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center offers a variety of childbirth and family education classes for expectant parents and their families. 

On-site Classes, Tours and Support Groups

Classes offered by MedStar Franklin Square include:

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Internet Classes

Understanding Birth

Understanding Birth includes a comprehensive resource book and an easy to use website that shows real-life examples of the subjects you are reading about. You can watch breathing and relaxation techniques, labor positions, animation of the stages of labor, and much more.

Mother and Baby Care

Mother and Baby Care includes a separate book and online features covering postpartum exercises, proper breastfeeding techniques, newborn diapering and bathing tips, cesarean body mechanics, and much more.

Each booklet contains a wealth of concise information, colorful photos, and clear illustrations. Also included is an easy to use website with online video clips to watch and PDF information sheets which you can download and print.

Computer and internet access required.

Fee: $25.00 each. Both for $40.00
To purchase or for more information, please call 1-888-74-OBTLC (1-888-746-2852).

Classes to Go

Expectant parents and family members can view DVDs and read educational materials in the comfort of their own homes.

Prepared Childbirth Basic* 

Fee $35

This educational program is designed for expectant families who desire a childbirth preparation but cannot attend traditional classes due to medical reasons, bedrest, or schedule conflicts. With topics covered such as changes in pregnancy, labor and delivery stages, labor preparation classes, transition to parenthood, and much more, this class to go is great for first time expectant parents or those needing a refresher. 

Kit includes: 

  • "Understanding Birth" DVD rental
  • Folder of educational materials
  • A large zippered labor bag to hold items you will need for the big day!
  • A Labor Booklet of techniques for labor partners to support Mom during labor.

Additional Classes to Go:

  • Breastfeeding*: Book to keep and DVD rental - $15
  • Return to Work Breastfeeding: Education materials to keep and DVD to return -$15
  • Preparing for Siblings: Education materials to keep and DVD to return - $15
  • Expecting Multiples: Education materials to keep and DVD to return - $15
  • Anesthesia and Pain Relief for Labor and Birth: Education materials to keep and DVD to return - $15
  • Sign with Your Baby: Book, "Sign With Your Baby", to keep along with a handy laminated reference guide, DVD to return - $20

* Prepared Childbirth Basic and Breastfeeding available in Spanish.

To purchase or for more information, please call 1-888-74-OBTLC (1-888-746-2852).

Educational Kits

Pet Prep Kit (preparing your pet for a new baby)

Fee $10

This take-home kit includes a comprehensive booklet providing activities and preparations to do before and after the baby arrives. To help your pet adjust to the big changes that a new baby can create, it also includes baby product samples so your pet can get used to the new smells and a CD with a variety of baby sounds. 

The Pet Prep Kit is also available at the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Gift Shop.

The Happiest Baby on the Block Parent Kit

Fee $25

Teaches pregnant couples and new parents the 5 “S”s - techniques allowing parents to calm their infant’s crying in minutes

To purchase or for more information, please call 1-888-74-OBTLC (1-888-746-2852).


Contact Information

For more information about our birth and family education classes, please call 1-888-74-OBTLC (1-888-746-2852) .

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