Joanne Tressler Pelvic Floor
Joanne Tressler finally experienced relief after seeing Dr. Peter O’Hare for pelvic prolapse.

Not only did slender 37-year-old Joanne Tressler give birth to both of her nearly 10-lb. boys vaginally, but the birth of her first son involved forceps. As a result, she was left with pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and other symptoms at a young age. “It wasn’t easy to recover from the birth of my children. When I told my obstetrician that sex had been painful since my first son was born,” she recalls, “he just told me to take Motrin.”

After seeing several other physicians, one of whom told her that she just had a tilted uterus, Tressler finally was correctly diagnosed by Peter O’Hare, MD, a board certified urogynecologist at MedStar. Joanne Tressler finally experienced relief after seeing Dr. Peter O’Hare, who correctly diagnosed and treated her pelvic prolapse. “He told me that I had pelvic prolapse—that my pelvic organs weren’t being supported. He also found that my uterus was blocking my bladder,” she says. “If it was moved out of the way, I leaked urine.”

Robotic-Assisted Procedures

Dr. O’Hare used robotic-assisted laparoscopic technology to repair the prolapse and restore the vaginal opening. He then inserted a mid-urethral sling to support Tressler’s pelvic organs.

“We use the daVinci® robot to help us perform these procedures because there is less blood loss and pain, allowing women to get back to their normal activities faster,” explains Dr. O’Hare. “We dissect and reestablish the pelvic floor to support the bladder, bowel and vagina. Then we use a specifically designed graft to support and elevate the vaginal wall.

The surgery involves only a few tiny incisions, so most women go home the day after the procedure and feel well by the second day. We can fix problems without a long surgical recovery and with minimal pain or discomfort,” he adds. “This condition is not an emergency, but it’s a significant quality of life issue. My goal was for Joanne to return to all activities without missing a beat, and to return to normal relations with her husband.”


Tressler remembers, “Dr. O’Hare was wonderful from day one and made me feel totally comfortable. I didn’t feel like I had to hold back any information. He let me touch various types of grafts and explained why the newer grafts were better. He didn’t just dismiss my concerns.”

She continues, “It’s clear he strives for excellence. I value customer service because of my work as a corporate trainer and loan specialist for a mortgage company. What I really liked is that Dr. O’Hare customizes the surgery to fit your needs. He took my lifestyle into account, giving me the least invasive way to fix the problem while still getting results.”

Beyond having excellent end results, Tressler also had a great experience. “I’m pain free now with no leaking of urine at all,” she says, “But what impressed me the most was that all of the staff who work with Dr. O’Hare spoke highly of him. Since I started talking to other women, I’ve discovered how common these problems are. I’ve shared Dr. O’Hare’s name and number with other women so they can experience the relief that I have.”

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