JoanGraasSMJoan Graas, a mother of three in Aberdeen, MD, didn’t know where to turn after a hysterectomy left her with painful, burdensome symptoms including urine leakage, frequent urination, and a large bulge of tissue protruding from her vagina. “I was having a hard time eating,” Joan remembers. “I didn’t feel right, the problem felt like it was getting worse and worse.”

Joan, 68 years old, experienced these symptoms for almost 24 years. “My younger sister asked, ‘Why are you letting this go,’” Joan said. “I was nervous because the first doctor messed up on me,” Joan recalls. “I went to a gynecologist, which was the wrong type of doctor, and I didn’t know that at the time.” After a failed operation at the gynecologist office, Joan gave up and let years go by without treatment for her symptoms.  

In 2014, a primary care physician referred Joan to Ladin Yurteri-Kaplan, MD, urogynecologist at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. After a consultation, Dr. Yurteri-Kaplan diagnosed the vaginal vault prolapsed due to a lack of appropriate support of her tissue after the hysterectomy. This left Joan’s pelvic organs unsupported and caused them to fall out of place and push against the walls of her vagina.

Dr. Yurteri-Kaplan gave Joan three surgical options and shared her professional recommendation. Joan underwent minimally invasive surgery through the vagina with no visible incisions. “She told my husband it was a very serious operation,” Joan recalls. “I was a little afraid of having it done, but Dr. Yurteri-Kaplan felt confident that I was going to go through this alright.”

After the surgery in Oct. 2014, Joan is finally symptom free. “Now I feel great,” Joan said. “I feel wonderful! It’s like my life is back together. I should have come to Dr. Yurteri-Kaplan in the first place. She is a fantastic doctor; I would recommend her to anyone.”

Joan felt comfortable throughout the surgery process, from consultation to postoperative care. “I liked Dr. Yurteri-Kaplan right from the beginning,” Joan remembers. “All the nurses that are with her and everyone in her group is lovely. They always treat you with kindness and make you feel great.”

“I’m so glad I went to her. I don’t have to worry about going to the bathroom every five minutes or wetting myself,” Joan said. “Don’t be afraid to have it done. You have to find the right doctor. And I found the right doctor!”

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