Following a stroke, sometimes referred to as a “brain attack,” many stroke survivors are left with impaired physical, speech, swallowing and mental functions. They must relearn skills that were lost when part of the brain was damaged. These skills can include basic tasks like eating, dressing, walking, speaking, and understanding information. 

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center offers an outpatient rehabilitation program with highly skilled and licensed occupational, physical and speech therapists. They can assist patients recovering from a stroke or neurological condition in regaining life skills, learning how to compensate for any permanent disabilities and becoming as independent as possible.

Our practice includes a rehabilitation apartment complete with a kitchen and bath that offers the patients the opportunity to practice routine tasks they would do at home. We also have individual treatment rooms as needed for quiet and privacy in the rehabilitation process.

Therapists work one-on-one with the patients to help them achieve the best possible quality of life, using interventions such as:

  • Balance / Mobility Training
  • Falls Prevention
  • Self-care Training
  • Communication/Cognitive Training
  • Expressive language Training
  • Swallowing Training
  • Custom splinting
  • Community Reintegration


Location Information

To find an inpatient rehabilitation specialist, call 443-777-7383.

To find an outpatient rehabilitation specialist, call 443-777-7750.