Cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment option. Because it doesn't require surgery, recovery is faster, with less pain and fewer complications. Patients who have an interventional treatment can usually go home the next day.

About 10 percent of patients who undergo catheterization need open-heart surgery immediately. Cath labs at MedStar hospitals are fully equipped operating rooms, so patients don’t have to be moved in the middle of a procedure. Cardiac catheterization allows MedStar Health cardiologists to treat certain types of heart conditions. They can:

  • Determine pressure and blood flow inside the heart
  • Collect blood samples from the heart
  • Examine heart valves and arteries
  • Identify heart abnormalities
  • Open up a clogged blood vessel
  • Open a blocked heart valve
  • Dilate obstructed arteries in the heart
  • Repair holes in a blood vessel or other types of heart defects


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