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Seasons Hospice staff members, from left to right, Bode Alabi, RN; Noel Zulueta, RN; Lisa Atkins, RN; Julie Kinsinger, former clinical director of operations; Rosemary Dare, RN; Carrie Moran, RN; Russ Matthews, RN, team director; Jenny Handrahan, RN; Jeanne Beil, RN; Rizza Bayawa, RN; Kendra Knox, team assistant; Carrie Hempel, attending; Dean Foreman, executive director; Deborah Toole, cinical liaison; Heather Floyd, social worker

Read testimonials from loved ones of patients who have received hospice care at Seasons Hospice: 


“Many of our Associates knew our MFSMC Volunteer and Auxilian, Loren Baker, who, along with his wife, Lois, served our hospital over the past 25 years. Sadly, Loren passed away in our Season’s Hospice in May. Many who had the honor of visiting with Loren during his stay in Hospice saw that he kept his well known smile until the very end, offering visitors inspiring life lessons including the importance of loving one another.”

Samuel E. Moskowitz, FACHE, president of MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center


“I flew in from California to be by my sister's side until the end, until her departure to glory to be with the Lord.

Everyone was very professional in their responsibility of healthcare towards my sister, in addition to being caring and sweet in her care and my stay. I couldn't ask for a better group of people that took care of her, making her comfortable and keeping her clean while she waited on the Lord to take her Home to Glory.

It is with great appreciation I want to thank the doctors, nurses, aides, all in the Hospice Group for taking such great care of her while in hospice care. To the music ministry gentleman for his sweet music hymnal selections just before her passing, thank you also. What a wonderful calming thing to have done for her, I'm sure my sister appreciated it as I did. I recorded his selections and replayed them to her. She left this earthy realm while "Sweet Low Sweet Chariot" was playing. Wow, what a comfort to her soul and spirit, and to mine.

The most valuable thing one has to offer is ones time. You all have inspired me to give back as well. I'm planning to give of my time to families in crisis when I get back to my hometown in Georgia. As a reverend, I pray I can be of service too.

Thank you everyone in the Med Star Franklin Square Hospice Group.”

- Paulina Ongsingco


“My husband received such good care at Season’s Hospice; it made me proud to be part of the hospital. The nurses on the third floor are phenomenal. His nurse, Jessica, stopped at the hospital gift shop and gave him a teddy bear to lift his spirits, one of the many ways the staff went above and beyond. People could not have been any nicer.”

- Victoria, associate

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