Hospice Care at MedStar Franklin Square in Baltimore


Ideally, hospice care is provided in the comfort of a patient’s home. But when pain or symptoms of end-stage disease cannot be adequately managed in the home setting, a short-term stay at Seasons Hospice inpatient center at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center may be necessary. The 15-bed inpatient center, located on the third floor of the south building, is a uniquely serene setting, designed with warm, neutral colors to provide a caring comfortable environment for patients and families. Surrounded by loved ones, patients can access the highest level of hospice care to manage their symptoms, and maintain dignity during what may be the most vulnerable time of their lives. Once the pain or symptoms are controlled, the patient can be transitioned to home or to another setting for extended care.

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Visitor Information

Recommended Parking

Driving directions

The closest entrance to Season’s Hospice is the Garden Entrance off of Franklin Square Drive, near the traffic light at the corner of Franklin Square Drive and Hospital Drive. The closest visitor parking to the Garden Entrance is South Lot A. From Franklin Square Drive, using the directions above, you will turn right into this lot before you reach the traffic light at Hospital Drive. The lot is located across the street from the hospital.

From this lot, cross the street using the pedestrian crosswalk that leads to the Garden Entrance. You will see a black speaker box to the right of the door.  Ring the buzzer to notify our staff that you have arrived and we will remotely open the door for you. Once inside, walk approximately 30 steps to the elevators on your left. Take the elevator to the third floor. Exit the elevator, turn right, and go approximately 15 steps. You will see the entrance to Season’s Hospice on your left.  

Please note, our parking lots are automated and require a credit card for payment. If you prefer to pay cash, please visit the hospital Cashier Office to pay to have your parking ticket validated before returning to your car. Learn more about our visitor parking and rates

Visiting Hours

The presence of loved ones can provide patients much warmth and comfort. Therefore, there are no set hours for visitation. Family and friends are welcome to spend as much time as they like visiting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Bringing Gifts

You are welcome to bring items such as cards, flowers, and balloons when visiting. If you have any concerns about whether something is appropriate, please ask a staff member.

A Final Note

When visiting Seasons Hospice and MedStar Franklin Square, please respect our patients and other visitors and remember to:

  • Talk quietly in patient care areas.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Abide by the “No Smoking” policy.
  • Supervise young children.

Location Information

For more information, please call 866-693-4067. 

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
9000 Franklin Square Drive
Baltimore, MD 21237