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P. Jeffrey Ferris, MD, chief of colon and rectal surgery at the Center for Digestive Disease at MedStar Franklin Square 

At the Center for Digestive Disease at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, our multidisciplinary team of experts is comprised of specialty-trained physicians, nurses, technicians, and providers that utilize a comprehensive range of groundbreaking non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques to treat conditions of the lower digestive tract, including the colon, rectum, and anus.

Our physicians are highly skilled in robotic surgery, offering the latest treatment options for patients. For the patient, the benefits of robotic surgery include more precision, less risk of infection and blood loss, briefer hospital stays, and shorter recovery time.

The colorectal surgeons at MedStar Franklin Square are experts in the treatment of a variety of procedures, including:

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MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Center for Digestive Disease
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