The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 186,000 American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, making it the second most common cancer among men. 

But there’s good news.

Cancer specialists at The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Cancer Institute at MedStar Franklin Square are experienced in the most advanced diagnostic and minimally invasive treatment technologies. MedStar Franklin Square offers prostate cancer patients the most complete array of advanced therapies available anywhere in the area. This specialized center also conducts research to improve today’s care and find tomorrow’s cure. 

From CyberKnife® to clinical trials to conventional therapies, including da Vinci robotic surgery, MedStar Franklin Square offers men with prostate cancer many options, including one that’s right for you.

Picking Cancer Treatment As Easy As Picking Chords

“CyberKnife was definitely the treatment option that worked for me. " David Winfield, CyberKnife Patient

When David Winfield learned he had prostate cancer, the longtime employee of MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center was unrattled. David found out he had prostate cancer several years ago.  Due to his family history of prostate cancer, physicians recommended he have yearly checks and a Prostate-Specific Antigent (PSA) blood test.  As a surgical technologist in the hospital operating rooms, David was familiar with all of his treatment options. After discussing them with his doctor, he decided CyberKnife was right for him.

He was treated by Dr. David Perry, MD and his treatments were once a day for about forty-five minutes.  He received five treatments in one week, and anesthesia was not required.  David explained "There was no pain during the treatment" and they were, "very easy, very simple".

Today, he is cancer-free and working toward his dream of playing the guitar.

Watch this video to hear David's full story: 

Don't Miss a Beat

“I feel like a million dollars." Mark Hill, CyberKnife patient

Mark Hill, prostate cancer survivor
Mark Hill, prostate cancer survivor, was treated at the CyberKnife Center at MedStar Franklin Square

When Mark Hill learned he had prostate cancer, he decided to tackle  it head on. He was soon to be retired and ready to enjoy time with his  wife, Erness. The active couple had  just organized a Friday night line dancing group at their church.

After doing his research, Hill decided CyberKnife was the way to go.

His therapy was short, consisting  of five treatments over the course  of one week. Each time, he lay on the CyberKnife table for just 40 minutes, and afterward he and his wife would run their usual errands. Hill says  he never even felt tired. And because  of CyberKnife’s ability to destroy tumors with knife-like precision, sparing surrounding healthy tissue,  he wasn’t bothered by side effects that can be common with other therapies.

After his fifth and final treatment  for prostate cancer, Hill was back  on the dance floor, line dancing that very night. Thanks to CyberKnife,  he never missed a beat.

Watch the video below to hear more about Hill's prostate cancer treatment journey with CyberKnife: 

No Stranger to Hard Work

“I would recommend it to anyone." Gregory Trotta, da Vinci Patient

Patient Gregory Trotta, who was treated for prostate cancer at MedStar Franklin Square
Patient Gregory Trotta, who was treated for prostate cancer at MedStar Franklin Square

Working in a steel fabrication shop,  Gregory Trotta is no stranger to hard work. But when an elevated PSA level led to a prostate cancer diagnosis, Trotta thought his work and family  life would be drastically interrupted. 

Then, he was referred to Jayant Uberoi, MD, a prostate cancer specialist at MedStar Franklin Square. 

Dr. Uberoi explained Trotta’s options and recommended da Vinci robotic surgery, a non-invasive alternative  that requires a very small incision  and usually a one-night hospital stay. Trotta was an excellent candidate for da Vinci  surgery because of his age  and low PSA level.

“I had no ‘real pain’ and minimal blood loss,” Trotta explains. “The  surgery didn’t knock me down.”

Trotta was back to work after only two weeks, versus conventional surgery, which usually requires six to eight weeks off work. His fast return to his daily activities and the excellent care he received at MedStar Franklin Square lead Trotta to one conclusion: “(da Vinci) was the right choice. I know it.”

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