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Dr. Gupta, Dr. Kumar and Dr. McCarron are members of our Melanoma Team

If you have melanoma or another advanced skin cancer, you can count on us to deliver personalized care that starts with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment—and continues with regular follow-up to ensure your cancer doesn’t return.

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Located at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, our Maryland Melanoma Center features:

  • Innovative treatment options that aren’t found everywhere through clinical trials, immunotherapy vaccines, and isolated perfusion therapy. We were also one of the first in the region to offer immunologic therapy for patients awaiting surgery.
  • Groundbreaking clinical trials based on the latest research and modern medicine which gives you access to the advanced therapies before they’re available elsewhere.
  • Nationally known surgical and medical oncologists, researchers, and cancer experts who are at the forefront of finding new ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent melanoma.
  • Genetic counseling so you can be vigilant in monitoring inherited cancer genes. For advanced therapies, genetic analysis can identify cancer cell mutations for further treatment options.
  • A team approach that involves experts from a variety of medical disciplines who meet weekly on a tumor board to review your diagnosis and design comprehensive, personalized treatment plans that will eliminate your melanoma for good.

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Our Skin Cancer Services

Our experienced medical and surgical oncologists are experts in diagnosing and treating early and advanced stage melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, and other types of skin cancers.

Your journey will start with a biopsy which will help us to accurately diagnose your skin cancer. The biopsy also provides detailed information, including:

  • Whether or not the lesion is melanoma
  • How deep the melanoma is
  • How aggressive the melanoma is

Comprehensive, Innovative, and Personalized Treatment

Your treatment plan will depend on the depth of your melanoma and how much it has spread to the surrounding lymph nodes and organs. Your melanoma treatment may include one or a combination of the below:

  • Surgery
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Adjuvant therapy (treatment given after primary surgical treatment)
  • Clinical trials for Stage III and Stage IV melanoma cases
  • Vaccines
  • Clinical trials for advanced cancers

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For a physician referral, please call 443-777-7900.

For more information about our clinical trials, please call 443-777-7364.

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