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Why Choose MedStar Franklin Square for Cyberknife Treatment?

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is a leader at treating cancerous and non-cancerous tumors with CyberKnife®. Our high patient volumes make our specialists among the most experienced CyberKnife experts in the world. MedStar Franklin Square’s CyberKnife Program offers health, hope, and improved quality of life to many people. 

Unlike other radiosurgery systems, our CyberKnife is equipped with a robotic arm that allows the best access to difficult-to-reach tumors. This is combined with state-of-the-art image-guidance technology that tracks and corrects for even the slightest movement, such as a patient’s breathing, during treatment. This reduces radiation spillover to other areas.

Successful CyberKnife treatment also depends on a team of trained specialists with extensive experience in using the technology to heal patients. MedStar Franklin Square offers the world's leading CyberKnife technology as well as the experts to help you get well in a warm, welcoming environment.

For more information about CyberKnife and the referral process, please contact our CyberKnife coordinator, Linda Stark, at 443-777-8822.

About Our Program

Watch our CyberKnife experts discuss the CyberKnife Program at MedStar Franklin Square, and see patients share their treatment success stories, in the videos below. 


Program Highlights

  • Proven results published in scientific publications
  • A major international CyberKnife training site for physicians
  • The area’s most accomplished CyberKnife program, and one of the first in the nation
  • The latest CyberKnife enhancements to decrease treatment time and improve patient comfort
  • A pioneer of innovative approaches to provide CyberKnife treatment to more patients

Types of Cancer Treated

CyberKnife is an effective and accurate method of destroying or killing cancer cells using radiation. It is an excellent alternative for patients who cannot or do not want to undergo surgery and for patients who have tumors in very sensitive or hard-to-reach places. MedStar Franklin Square uses CyberKnife technology to treat the following cancers:

Is CyberKnife Right for You?

MedStar Franklin Square’s multidisciplinary team of physician specialists offers the most thorough evaluations and accurate diagnoses to learn whether you could benefit from CyberKnife. But if CyberKnife is not right for you, our combination of talent, technology, and advanced treatments can help achieve the best possible results for your particular condition. Learn more about CyberKnife treatment

Location Information

For a physician referral, please call 1-877-CYBER 01 (1-877-292-3701).

For more information about our clinical trials, please call 443-777-7364.

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