Mastectomy is the surgical removal of the entire breast, usually to treat serious breast disease, the most common of which is breast cancer.

Atsuko Okabe, MD, breast surgeon at the Breast Center at MedStar Franklin Square, discusses treatment options for breast cancer, including mastectomies: 

Several mastectomy types exist, including:

Radical Mastectomy

With this surgery, the chest wall muscles (pectoralis) are removed, in addition to the breast and axillary lymph nodes. For many years, this operation was considered the standard for women with breast cancer, but it is rarely used today.

Modified Radical Mastectomy

The whole breast is removed, as are most of the axillary lymph nodes.

Skin Sparing Mastectomies

The breast, nipple, and areola are removed, but most of the breast skin is left intact to make a breast reconstruction as natural looking as possible. Unless you do not want a breast reconstruction, you have inflammatory or locally advanced breast cancer, a skin sparing mastectomy is often a desirable option.

Studies have proven that skin sparing mastectomies are safe and do not increase the risk of recurrence. MedStar breast surgeons are leaders in the field of skin sparing mastectomies and work closely with expert plastic surgeons that routinely perform breast reconstructions.

Nipple-Scaring Mastectomy

The inside breast tissue is removed, but all of the breast skin, including the nipple and areola, is left intact. This procedure is recommended when tumors are small and far from the nipple and areola areas.

Total (Simple) Mastectomy

The whole breast, including nipple and areola, is removed, but the axillary lymph nodes are not.

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