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Shweta Kurian, MD, meets with a patient with hematologic cancer.

Every four minutes someone in North America is diagnosed with a blood cancer, and every ten minutes someone dies, according to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Remarkable progress has been made in treating patients with blood cancers, with survival rates for many having doubled or tripled thanks to improved treatment options with chemotherapy.  We also offer numerous clinical trials and treatments not typically offered at a community hospital that are improving the quality of life for blood cancer patients.

At MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, we provide care and treatment in the diagnosis and management of cancers of the blood and lymph systems, such as:

We believe that treatment should be a decision made by a combination of people: the patient, the patient's family and loved ones, the hematologist, and the referring physician. Once your diagnosis is confirmed, your medical oncology/hematology team will create a written plan for you about the treatment and will discuss it with you and your loved ones, so that everyone knows what to expect.

We know a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, so we work to provide a full range of support services to our patients, including:

  • A dedicated team of doctors and other medical staff assigned to your case
  • Access to some of the most advanced clinical trials and research
  • Easy accessibility to your doctors and your entire team
  • Patient and Community Services including information and advice on:
  • Nutrition
  • Psychosocial Counseling
  • Spiritual Care

MedStar MedStar Franklin Square's reputation across the region is of compassionate healers: doctors and nurses who are tremendously invested in easing our patient's journey through the cancer treatment process. Whether you require specialized hematologic care, or targeted chemotherapy, or immunotherapy, you can trust our doctors will provide the most advanced care in a compassionate and caring setting.

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For a physician referral, please call 443-777-7900.

For more information about our clinical trials, please call 443-777-7364.

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