Surgical Pavilion

We’ve Officially Opened Our Doors!

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is pleased to announce the opening of its brand new, 82,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Surgical Pavilion. The facility officially opened its doors in August 2020, and is designed to revolutionize the process of surgical care for patients and their families. It represents the next generation of MedStar Franklin Square’s unwavering commitment to the community and region.

There is much to see and explore as you learn about MedStar Franklin Square’s new Surgical Pavilion and the many ways it is transforming the process of patient care, now and into the future. On this page you can:

Take a Look Inside!

Every detail of the Surgical Pavilion was designed and built with patient experience and comfort in mind. It’s warm, welcoming, and inviting. It’s modern and sleek. And, it houses the latest, most innovative industry technologies, allowing for the merge of science and medicine to take place on the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center campus, every single day. Click below to take a virtual tour, and see it for yourself!

Find a Surgeon

Some of the region’s most skilled, talented, experienced, and acclaimed surgeons practice at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. They represent a diverse range of clinical specialties, offering traditional, laparoscopic, and robotic surgical approaches, tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Click here to search for a surgeon or other MedStar Health physician based on the nature of your medical needs.

The Final Milestone - Transformation of the Hospital Campus

Ten years ago, MedStar Health embarked on a multi-year, $300 million investment, with a goal to create new, robust, spacious facilities to optimize the process of health care delivery for patients who turn to MedStar Franklin Square for their care. This commitment led to the construction and opening of a new patient tower as well as the new emergency department, marking key milestones in the modernization and transformation of the hospital campus. The construction of a new Surgical Pavilion was slated to be completed in the final phase of this process, to centralize all surgical processes and procedures under one roof, and position MedStar Franklin Square as the place to turn for the latest, greatest, most advanced and sophisticated surgical care in the region. That final phase is now complete!

Prior to the opening of the new Surgical Pavilion, many surgeries taking place at MedStar Franklin Square were performed in operating suites that were part of the hospital when it initially opened in 1969. As surgical care has continuously evolved, space configuration models and ideals have changed along with them. What made sense and worked well in an operating room 30, 40 and 50 years ago is now functionally obsolete and inefficient. This is precisely why the opening of a new Surgical Pavilion was deemed a key priority, as MedStar Franklin Square’s long-term growth plan was written, endorsed by leadership and the Board of Directors, pursued, and completed.

Groundbreaking for the new Surgical Pavilion took place in December 2018. Construction was completed in August 2020. Click the play button below to watch our time lapse video, showing how our campus gradually changed as the Pavilion was constructed over the course of 21 months.

Clinical Features and Functionalities to Revolutionize Surgical Care

As you make your way across Franklin Square Drive and enter the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center campus, the new Surgical Pavilion cannot be missed. It’s positioned directly in front of the hospital’s main entrance, and to the left of the Emergency Department entrance. During the evening hours, an illuminated tower of cascading lights can be seen from the distance. A dedicated parking area is marked for the convenience of surgical patients and visitors, with patient drop-off and pick-up locations in close proximity to the facility entrance, are also available.

Take one step inside MedStar Franklin Square’s new $80 million Surgical Pavilion and you will immediately see and feel what sets us apart. The facility was designed and built to revolutionize surgical care, with features and functionalities that support what medicine looks like today, as well as how it will progress into the future.

Key features in our clinical space include:

  • 14 spacious surgical suites, packed with the latest industry tools and technologies to optimize patient care, safety, and quality
  • 1 “hybrid” operating room, featuring advanced imaging technology that allows an interventional cardiologist, radiologist, and vascular surgeon to collaborate and multi-task, all at one time, during a surgical case. Important to note – we are the only hospital in the State of Maryland, and among only a few in the U.S., to house this type of specialty surgical suite.
  • 20 Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) bays
  • Dedicated space for transplant and perfusion cases (to be introduced in the future)
  • State-of-the-art sterilization tools and processes
  • Robust video systems, integrated in the operative suites to facilitate virtual training opportunities for the hospital’s surgical residency program
  • Multiple nursing stations, designed to support and accommodate multi-disciplinary collaboration among clinical providers
  • Dedicated pre-admission and perioperative administration spaces
  • Private consultation rooms
  • 21 support spaces
  • Registration areas designed to maximize patient privacy and maintain confidentiality
  • A 600-foot concourse, connecting the Surgical Pavilion to the existing patient tower to streamline transport as patients are moved to the intensive care unit (ICU), their inpatient rooms, and other areas of the hospital, as needed

Key features in our common areas include:

  • Spacious waiting room, featuring a tranquil waterfall feature and many windows to allow natural light to stream in. Together, these design elements create an environment for families and other visitors that is warm, calm, soothing, and comfortable.
  • Dedicated parking area (utilize Entrance #5 from Franklin Square Drive)
  • Patient pick-up and drop-off locations in close proximity to the facility entrance
  • Vending stations
  • Electronic device charging stations
  • Access to the 600-foot concourse leading to the existing patient tower, for those who wish to utilize the hospital cafeteria, coffee shop, gift shop, chapel, and other amenities

Perspectives from Our Staff

As MedStar Franklin Square embarked on design and construction of its new Surgical Pavilion, those who work in the operating room were asked for their voice, and encouraged to take a seat at the planning table. We relied on the team who would ultimately be working in the space, and who knew best of all what we really needed in order to streamline our environment for both work and care. From their perspective, based on what they have seen, heard, and experienced, our vision was affirmed and our master plan was finalized and put into action. The opportunity to be involved was valued and appreciated by many. See what our staff had to say below.

“I helped plan the layout and sizes of the various rooms and spaces that will be part of the new Surgical Pavilion, as well as what equipment will be needed in each area. Larger operating rooms will allow for more efficiency and organization, and will provide a safer environment of care for our patients. I appreciate that my input was taken into consideration during this process, given that I will be working day-in and day-out in the new facility.”

“It was a huge step for MedStar to recognize that it takes a team with representation from all areas and positions to help develop the big picture, while also being open to different opinions and visions. But everyone came to the table with the same goal – to come up with a plan that will work best for our patients and families. I believe we helped the construction team and engineers really understand the work we do and the demands that we face, to keep our patients safe while also giving them the best possible care. I am excited to someday tell my grandchildren about the fact that I helped plan the building where people have surgery. It will be my legacy; one that I will always remember.”

“I was asked for insights on the set-up of surgical equipment and provided a diagram on where equipment should be placed for specific surgical procedures, in each room. Being involved in the planning process was a great honor. I am excited to see a new, state-of-the-art facility replace our current, outdated operating rooms. The existing operating rooms are small and it has been a challenge to manage the amount of equipment that we utilize during surgical cases. The new Surgical Pavilion will give us the space we need, and so much more.”

“Having input from those who will actually work in the new space is crucial. Work space and aerodynamics are vital to our nurses as we are providing patient care, so aiding in the design of the new rooms was extremely important to me. I was thrilled to be part of this new endeavor at MedStar Franklin Square; it is requiring a lot of time and effort on everyone’s part but I believe we are going to have a great outcome, and I cannot wait to see the finished facility.”

Support Our Surgical Services Growth Plan

Interested in learning about how you can personally be involved in our long-term growth plans, as we continue to evolve surgical services at MedStar Franklin Square? Click here to be directed to our philanthropy page.