50th Anniversary

MedStar Franklin Square Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary 

50th Anniversary

In 1969, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center opened as a four-story 305-bed hospital in eastern Baltimore County. Within the first 18 months, the new hospital had treated more than 100,000 outpatients.

As our community has grown, so have we. Since opening our doors, we have expanded to offer the latest, most innovative, and comprehensive treatments for individuals with a wide range of medical conditions. Today, as a proud member of MedStar Health, we offer a diverse array of specialties and advanced technologies not traditionally found at community hospitals and are recognized for our expertise in medicine, surgery, oncology, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, behavioral health, and ambulatory services, to name a few.

In early 2019, we will initiate construction on our two-story 75,000 square foot Surgical Pavilion. Scheduled to open in the Fall of 2020, this facility was designed by those who will work in it daily: our dedicated team of Associates. The Surgical Pavilion will house 14 operating suites, pre-operative and post-operative recovery areas and associate support spaces allowing us to provide advanced technology in a healing and compassionate environment.

Learn more about the history and milestones of MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.


The photos above demonstrate how much our campus has physically changed over the years. Scroll through each photo and see how our center has transformed since our opening on the Franklin Square campus 50 years ago. To see more images of our campus, click here.

The people who are part of the MedStar Franklin Square team have helped us maintain a strong sense of community that our organization was founded on, and continues to make a priority, today. View each photo to see some of our leaders in action, over the years.


Celebrating Our Associates


Linda Needel

35 years and counting!

In January 1984, I started out as a medical technologist in the Blood Bank. I eventually became team leader then supervisor of the Blood Bank. I am currently working as a Clinical Laboratory Manager, overseeing Blood Bank, Quality, Point of Care, Accessioning and Phlebotomy.

My favorite memory happened about 27 years ago in 1992 when seven of us in the laboratory were pregnant. Three of us in the Blood Bank were due in February, March, and April! A busy year!

Where will I be 10 years from now? While nothing is certain in life, there are two possible options. I could continue in the job I love, or I could retire and keep my husband working so that he can support me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to (hah)!

Regardless of where I am, I wish for MFSMC to continue to grow and prosper while providing excellent service and healthcare to the surrounding community.

Joyce Berkley, MAM, RN, CAPA

43 years of service and still going strong! 


“In 1974, I started at Franklin Square and held positions on 4 NE 3-11 as a charge nurse. In the 1980's, I was the hospital Stroke Nurse for five years. I then became a PRN/float for ICU/CCU, Med-Surg / Peds and Psy (for one day due to a major snow storm). I always worked a 40-hour week and did pre-post-op nursing, Radiology and Pre-Admission Testing.   

I retired in July 2018 but returned to work under zero hours and am currently in Ambulatory Surgery.  I also volunteer on 6T once a week as part of the Halo program.  This is great because I can work the day before in ASC pre-op.  Then as a volunteer, I can visit patients in post-op and ask about their journey through our system. I ask about their plan of care, medications, discharge planning, etc. and can give feedback to their assigned nurse that day.  6T is so excellent that 
usually plans are already in motion to meet the patient's needs. 

Best memories: Stroke unit under the late Dr. Nicolas Buendia:  FSH sent me to New York for training at the Rehabilitation Center. I had a 4-bed coed unit of Stroke patients that stayed about 2 weeks with FSH and could then transition to the old Montebello hospital or Good Samaritan Hospital.  I met weekly with the Stroke team and reexamined each patient's progress.  I was also able to visit and follow-up with the patient at the Rehabilitation facility to review their progress. 

I was also able to establish, with the help of Betty O., the first Same Day Surgery admits that were called EMA (Early Morning Admission).  Patients came in on the same day as their surgery, not the night before.  They would sit in chairs, lined up in a day room with one family member and their suitcase.  I would bring each patient to a desk, ask them questions, then eventually move them to a stretcher to start IV.  As the patient census increased, more staff were added and we moved to a larger space." 

Lisa Waggy, RN

35 years of service and counting! 

"I began working at MedStar Franklin Square in 1983 as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). I worked part-time during a 3 pm to 11 pm shift. Six years later in 1989, I became a registered nurse (RN) and continued to work as a staff nurse on 3CB. The hospital moved to 12-hour shifts, so I consequently started working from 6:30 pm to 7 am. I worked as a preceptor to the first nursing residents, and through some of my suggestions, helped to mold the program to what it is today.

I currently work nights on Tower 5 as a staff and charge nurse (part-time) and occasionally precept new employees. I have also been a chair and co-chair to our unit-based committee.

I have been through many changes at the hospital such as transitioning from paper charting to computer charting; the building of the Tower; and the many changes in the style of nursing care. 

One memory that has stayed with me is when I was caring for a stroke patient on 3CB. The patient’s husband would try to give me gifts because he was thankful that I was caring for his wife. He told me the only reason he felt comfortable leaving his wife alone in the hospital was that I was there to care for her. When she was discharged, he sent a very kind letter to my nurse manager thanking me for how well I took care of his wife. THIS is the reason why this job is so special to me, along with the teamwork I have been involved in with all my co-workers. I look forward to caring for patients at bedside for many years to come. "



Eileen Opdyke, RN

39 Years!

"I started my career at Franklin Square in 1980 as a Certified Surgical Technologist in the Operating Room. I became a Registered Nurse in 1998 and stayed in the OR. I advanced from Staff Nurse, to Charge Nurse in 2000, to Resource Nurse in 2002, then Assistant Nurse Manager or "PCC" in 2009-2018. I love the Operating Room at Franklin Square and I am still here as a PRN nurse. I am looking forward to our new Operating Rooms in the new Surgical Pavilion.

One of my favorite memories was being on the original investigation committee to determine the feasibility of MedStar Franklin Square being Magnet. It was fun being there at the very beginning. I was so proud of all the work we did to gain our Magnet designation. 

I also like that I worked with Doctor Ferris’ and Doctor Gupta’s fathers. Both of their fathers were awesome doctors and the sons have kept up the tradition of extraordinary patient care. In the next 10 years, I would like to see the hospital continue to grow and provide exceptional care to our patient population. I also want to do more volunteer work and travel with my husband. We have been married 43 years and we are looking forward to seeing the world."




Kristen Hartman, RN, BSN

36 Years and Counting!

"My favorite memory is when the new ED Physician team from Washington Hospital joined our ED Team. Dr. Pipkin’s group made great improvements in care and treatment of our ED patient population. They collaborated with our nurses and multidisciplinary staff to work together as a true team approach.

In the next ten years, I hope MedStar Franklin Square continues to be a Magnet Hospital and provides excellence in care and new technologies. I hope MedStar Franklin Square continues to provide opportunities for growth and education of staff. I look forward to continue working with Patients and Families, doing direct patient care or education."  

Throughout the Years:

  • 1983-1988 - 3 Central med-surg LPN (1982-1986 RN)
  • 1988-1998 - CCU Staff/ Clinical Leader
  • 1998-2006 - ED Staff RN / Charge Nurse
  • 2006-2008 - PACU RN
  • 2008-Present - 2019 ASC / Pain Management ACLS Certified Professional Development Committee Preceptor/ Mentor