Healthy Baby Owes His Life to Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center

Maternal-Fetal Medicine MedStar Franklin Square
Laura Rising and her son Henry share a laugh on the playground, thanks to their Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center care.

Thanks to the watchful physicians in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, Laura Rising’s blended family welcomed a healthy baby named Henry into the world last year.

Rising, a 33-year-old third-grade teacher, is grateful that Henry’s birth was uneventful. “I was lucky that I had my prenatal ultrasound at MedStar Franklin Square, which I chose because I knew lots of people who raved about giving birth there,” she says. “After the ultrasound, Dr. Silva came into the room and told me Henry’s fetal blood vessels weren’t where they should have been. I was fortunate to have her experienced eye.”

Anadir Silva, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at the center, explains, “Laura had an abnormal condition called vasa previa, which can lead to severe fetal problems or even death if not recognized in time. If undetected, the condition could have led to her son’s death.”

“Dr. Silva could tell I was very anxious,” Rising recalls. “She walked my husband and me through my plan of care step by step. I was admitted to the hospital at around 32 weeks and was on bed rest until Henry was born just one day short of 36 weeks.”

A Smooth Delivery

Fortunately for Rising, the staff at MedStar Franklin Square was prepared to handle her baby’s birth. Once her cesarean section was scheduled, she met with Fernando Mena, MD, the chief of Neonatology and medical director of the NICU, in case her baby required special care after birth. (See an article on our new NICU). 

Rising remembers, “I was in the hospital for four weeks and loved it. I had wonderful nurses and technologists, and attending physicians who checked on me every day. I had an absolutely fantastic experience. Dr. Silva even visited me on her lunch hour.”

Baby Henry was born without incident and never required a stay in the NICU. “Without MedStar Franklin Square, Henry likely would have bled to death,” says Rising. “Instead, he was totally fine and he’s now a healthy, normal boy.”

Expert Prenatal Evaluation and Care

Maternal Fetal Medicine MedStar Franklin Square
The Risings enjoy family play time as baby Henry, their latest addition, looks on.

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center offers a team of medical specialists dedicated to evaluating and caring for women before and during pregnancy, including those with high-risk pregnancies. Expert genetic counselors, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, sonographers and antepartum nurses all work in partnership with obstetricians to create a care plan to help women maximize their chances for a healthy delivery.

Robert Gherman, MD, another maternal-fetal medicine specialist at the center, says, “We see patients with conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, lupus or other medical problems that can have a negative impact on the pregnancy if not under proper control. We work with our patients on strategies to optimize their health during pregnancy. We also provide genetic counseling and prenatal testing for genetic conditions such as sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis.”

Happy Outcomes

Dr. Silva concludes, “Our job is to offer specialized care for both mother and fetus in complicated pregnancies, in partnership with the patient’s primary obstetrician, to provide the best possible outcomes for her and her baby.” 

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience—I felt bonded to everyone,” Rising adds. Baby Henry is proof.



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