Making a Difference for Patients by Touching Lives and Lifting Spirits

4C is a 30 bed medical/oncology unit with a primary focus on the oncology patient. Patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy, including radiation implants are cared for on this unit. Comprehensive patient and family education and close collaboration with the Ambulatory Oncology Center at the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Cancer Center allows patients to continue to receive care as outpatients. Patients can receive palliative care or be transitioned to the hospice setting where appropriate. Care, including palliative care, is also provided to the non-oncologic general medical and surgical patient population as space is available. 24-hour care is delivered to the patient population (males and females ranging in age from 18 to 100+, with diverse cultural, social backgrounds and needs) an interdisciplinary care delivery team. Nurses are responsible for integration and coordination of this care.

Our Promise to Our Patients

  • We will impact our community by delivering timely, dedicated, clinically expert care.
  • We will assure that patients feel respected, cared for, and confident in their care giver's clinical competence and interpersonal skills.
  • We will experience the joy and gratitude of steadily increasing patient satisfaction scores.
  • We will deliver care using a team approach embracing continuous educational advancement and professional growth and development.
  • We will hire dedicated, energetic, principled, passionate staff who are committed to advancing the goals of FSHC and to advancing their own professional growth and development.
  • We will develop an extraordinarily supportive and positive environment that is contagious and embrace all levels of caregivers.
  • We will attract staff having a passion for their work, drive and quest for excellence.
  • We will craft a working environment that motivates staff to reach their full potential.
  • We will be recognized for our staff commitment to competency and education in oncology.
  • We will partner with AOC and radiation oncology to provide comprehensive seamless care.