Supporting Families During the Most Memorable Event in Their Lives

The Women's Pavilion provides a full spectrum of obstetrical and newborn services to approximately 2,700 delivering mothers per year. Approximately 33% of the patient population receive care through the faculty/resident practice and are managed through the faculty/obstetrical residency program. Prenatal care is provided to these patients through the Women's Health Center at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. Prenatal care for private or group practice patients is provided in the respective physician office settings. The Women's Pavilion provides 24-hour service to all patients who present who are pregnant and up to 6 weeks postpartum. The department provides 24-hour on-site attending physician, resident, certified nurse midwife and nursing coverage and is supported by 24-hour on-site anesthesiology coverage in the hospital for the collaborative management of OBTLC patients and their newborns. Gynecology services are provided to patients within the Women's Pavilion, as well as on 4 Central, and 3 Central.

Our Promise to Our Patients

  • We will treat patients and staff as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We will advocate for our patients by always providing information about their care; explaining all events, procedures, and processes.
  • We will make sure that our patients' privacy is at the forefront of their care.
  • We will work together as a collaborative team to strive for the best patient outcomes.
  • We will be knowledgeable and supportive regarding our patients' wishes for their birth experience.
  • We will provide our patients with evidenced based information and support their individual choices.