Med/Surg Pulmonary

Med/Surg Pulmonary is a 30 bed medical surgical unit, with a primary focus on patients with pulmonary diseases. This population accounts for 40-50% of the annual admissions. Some patients receive care from the internal medicine resident practice. 24-hour care is delivered to the patient population (males and females ranging in age from 16 to 100+, with diverse cultural, social backgrounds and needs) an interdisciplinary care delivery team. Nurses are responsible for integration and coordination of this care.

Our promise to our patients

  • We will be recognized as the organization's premier unit for the care of the acute and chronic respiratory patient.
  • We will maintain the highest level of nursing expertise through continuous professional development.
  • We will demonstrate an understanding, compassionate, spirit enabling us to anticipate the needs of our patient population.
  • We will provide patient and family education to promote an optimum level of health and wellness thereby reducing the frequency of re-admissions.
  • We will enlist new technology to provide more efficient patient centered care.
  • We will utilize evidence based practice in our strive for excellence in patient outcomes continually identifying opportunities to improve the quality of patient care.
  • We will be seen by the medical staff as knowledgeable members of the health care team, trusting and accepting staff advice.

Staff Experiences

"I really enjoy working here because of our staff. They are nice, caring and very knowledgeable" "I love the people I work with. We have great teamwork" "People are friendly and enjoy talking with patients and other staff"

Patient Experiences

"I love coming to this floor. I'm in the hospital a lot, and they always give me great care." "The staff are attentive and truly care for my needs" "Their professionalism and kindness is so appreciated"