Ambulatory Oncology

Supporting and Comforting all Patients and Families on their Journey through Cancer Treatment

Ambulatory Oncology Center is a 27 "bed" facility which provides comprehensive out patient centered care for the adult population of our community. Chemotherapy/Biotherapy for a wide range of cancers is one of the primary services provided. Patients may avail themselves of a wide range of Clinical Trials both collaborative group (GOG, NSABP, ECOG, CALGB) and industry sponsored. Our services are further enhanced by the inclusion of hematological, rheumatologic, neurological and urological treatment modalities.

Care and services are provided to patients 18 and above. Decision to treat younger patients is evaluated on an individualized basis such as adolescents with rare and/or adult type tumors that are not commonly seen in a pediatric setting.

Hours of operation are: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.(or until completion of treatment).

Our Promise to Our Patients

  • We will be recognized as the only community center in the state of Maryland offering multidisciplinary cancer care "Under One Roof".
  • We will celebrate our diverse population as we take a multidisciplinary approach to promote quality of life by recognizing "person first; cancer patient second".
  • We will foster an environment that supports research, technology, education and dissemination of best practice.
  • We will provide effective and efficient delivery of services while generating needed revenues for continued organizational productivity.
  • We will remain in the forefront in patient satisfaction by our commitment to quality care for all individuals encountered within our facility and the community at large.