Adult Psychiatry

Respectful, Non-Judgmental Care in a Safe Environment

Inpatient Psychiatry provides care and services for a broad spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Services range from adult and child inpatient, as well as Crisis Intervention Service and Psychiatric Consultation Services for the psychiatric patients in the Emergency Department and on medical/surgical units.
The adult inpatient unit (2SB) admits any patient 18 years or older with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. The child inpatient unit (CHIPS) admits children ages 5-12 with a primary psychiatric diagnosis.

24-hour care is provided on both inpatient psychiatric units by an interdisciplinary team that includes registered nurses, physicians, social workers, a discharge planner and recreation therapist. Counselors in Crisis Intervention Department are available 24/7.

Our promise to our patients:

  • We will warmly welcome all patients regardless of their mental illness and/or their socioeconomic condition.
  • We will demonstrate respectful, non-judgmental attitude in all their interactions with patients as well as their colleagues.
  • We will reinforce positive behaviors on a daily basis.
  • We will have insight into our own feelings and prejudices and be able to give and receive feedback appropriately.
  • We will staff to assure staff and patient safety.
  • We will excel at verbal de-escalation and less restrictive interventions avoiding the use of behavioral restraints.
  • We will use our own clinical judgment and make decisions using the combined feedback from the team.
  • We will continue to diligently seek to hire only those staff that are committed to the vision of 2SB and Chips.