Gina Shelley

Gina ShelleyGina Shelley, MS, BSN, RN, NPD-BC

Magnet Program Director

“Nursing excellence at Medstar Franklin Square goes beyond the numbers. It is the compassionate care the nurses have on a daily basis that make them amazing individuals.”

About Gina

Gina Shelley MS, BSN, RN, began her nursing career in 2008 after graduating with her BSN from Villa Julie College. Gina has grown up in Maryland with a mother who is also a nurse. Gina lives with her husband and son in a neighboring county near MFSMC. She started working at Medstar Franklin Square as a nurse extern in the Emergency Department. From there she worked on medical units as a preceptor and charge nurse. In 2015 Gina received her graduate degree from the University of Maryland with a focus in management and education. Gina is currently a Nurse Educator and Magnet Program Co-Director.

In the Magnet Director role, Gina led the Magnet document writing process, choosing writers, reviewing evidence, and producing a final document. Gina works closely with the CNO to collect data and choose topics for the Nursing Annual Report. Gina leads the Magnet Ambassador Council and Magnet Steering Council. As the Magnet Program Co-Director Gina promotes Magnet awareness and clinical nurse involvement through community service projects, education, annual nursing awards, and annual allied health awards.

Nursing Philosophy

Gina believes that nursing is an ongoing journey of learning, honor, and humility. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new about a patient, colleague, or yourself.