Nursing Education and Career Development


Nurses talk with a patient at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. 

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center's dynamic orientation team takes ownership and pride in its commitment to provide a program that offers the opportunity for professional growth and development for all our newly hired nurses.


We provide you with ongoing mentorship from orientation specialists and/or preceptors selected according to your needs and experience. After a two-day general hospital and a four-day general nursing orientation, newly hired nurses begin work in their clinical areas along side their preceptor. The orientation experience integrates application of clinical knowledge with psychomotor skills competencies, enhancement of clinical knowledge, computer-assisted learning, bedside care and patient assignments. We also include other opportunities to spend share days or observation time in other units or ancillary departments to better understand the continuum of care, to develop collaborative relationships among members of the interdisciplinary care team and to optimize the quality of our patient care delivery.


Career opportunities and organizational resources to support the clinical practice of our nurses contribute to our environment of professional development and nurse retention. We provide financial and educational support for professional certification and recertification. In some areas we offer computer-assisted learning to achieve certification such as the Essentials for Critical Care Orientation program through AACN. We support study programs and unit-based study groups to prepare our nurses to sit for certification exams.

Nursing Externship

The Nursing Externship program is designed to provide senior nursing students with the opportunity to get to know MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. By working part-time during senior year of an accredited nursing program, the nurse extern is eligible to receive tuition assistance, practical experience and employment opportunities within MedStar Franklin Square following graduation.

UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is excited to offer the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program. This program is designed to assist Baccalaureate and Master's prepared nursing graduates with the transition from nursing student to nursing professional. Development of the novice nurse into a competent professional nurse includes key areas of instruction including professionalism, leadership and improving patient outcomes through Evidence Based Practice. Building on content taught in nursing school, the program seeks to increase critical thinking and application to the nursing profession. The program provides the support and networking that is essential to the graduate nurse's development, satisfaction and retention. Master's prepared facilitators are used in small group settings to mentor and encourage professional growth. The yearlong program is required of all new graduate nurses at MedStar Franklin Square and meets on a monthly basis for one year.

Professional Nursing Ladder

The Professional Nursing Ladder is a graded structure, which facilitates career growth and professional development of the professional nurse. The Ladder comprises five tiers. Newly hired nurses begin on level one (new graduates) or two (experienced nurses).

Progression up the Professional Nursing Ladder structure requires the individual nurse to meet defined criteria related to MedStar Franklin Square Medical Centers Pillars of Excellence (People, Service, Quality, Growth and Fiscal Responsibility). Great emphasis is placed on continuous professional development of the individual nurse and involvement on the nursing unit.

Along with the benefits of professional growth and development and personal satisfaction, the Professional Nursing Ladder also rewards the nurse with increased pay. Further, the Professional Nursing Ladder facilitates and supports individualized career development and progression with specific relevance to the nurse's development objectives and the organizational goals.

Nursing Grand Rounds

Nursing Grand Rounds is a monthly forum to provide staff education and development. Nurses are invited to attend and discuss care issues relevant to the patient population at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, and to explore evidence-based practice for each topic. We encourage direct care nurses to participate in the presentation of case studies.

Nursing Spectrum CE Direct

Each nurse at MedStar Franklin Square has a personal password for access to the thousands of online continuing education programs in the CE Direct program developed by Nursing Spectrum. We believe that, if we provide access, our nurses will use this valuable resource to maintain and enhance their professional clinical competence.

Interested in nursing at MedStar Franklin Square? Contact our recruitment office at 443-777-7045.