For Schools of Nursing

Nursing Student Clinical Placement Requirements

Welcome to MedStar Health and MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center!

These manuals are intended to facilitate your orientation process at MedStar Health and MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. Our goal is to provide nursing students with an excellent learning experience while providing our patients with safe, competent care. Please read these manuals prior to coming to the hospital for your clinical experience. Let us know how we can best assist you to make this an optimal learning experience.

Service Excellence is a part of the MedStar Franklin Square culture. Our Spirit Standards (pdf) explain our service requirements for associates and those who care for our patients. Please read our spirit standards as our expectation is that students will adhere to these standards while caring for our patients.

Please contact Gina (Orr) Shelley at [email protected] or 443-777-8408 for any questions or concerns.